Artistic Toolbar Icons 2013.1

Artistic Toolbar Icons 2013.1: Artistic Toolbar Icons is a new collection of functional and characterful icons Artistic Toolbar Icons collection can make any website looking more attractive, original and enhance software functionality as well. This set of up-to-date artistic icons allows to design a toolbar or menu in the same style. The icons repeat the same colors, and are drawn using the same line thickness, sharpness, edge forms and fonts. All this makes Artistic Toolbar Icons collection a valuable addition to any kind of toolbar, panel or menu. Artistic

XP Artistic Icons 5.0: Enhance software and Web sites with quality ready-made XP icons
XP Artistic Icons 5.0

Enhance software and Web sites with professional XP icons! XP Artistic Icons help software and Web designers create professional-looking applications with minimum effort. Designed and crafted by professional artists, the XP Artistic Icons set contains hundreds of matching images drawn in strict accordance with Windows XP style guidelines.

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Artistic Effects 1.8: Use professional artwork effects without having to pay mega for this plug-in!
Artistic Effects 1.8

Looking at human creativity as an engine of modern graphical design, the situation with pricy graphics software seems unfair. Is there any chance for amateur computer artists to get the proper tools at a fair price? There is! Introducing Artistic Effects! A collection of image filters that make up professional computer artist toolbox. This unique effects pack has all that you may need to start creating fantastic colorful artwork right away!

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Aurigma PhotoEditor 2.0: ASP.NET online photo editing app, rich functionality (crop, remove red-eye, etc)
Aurigma PhotoEditor 2.0

artistic features: - Tinting - Borders - Artistic effects * After the user edits the image, they can: - Save the result as a new image - Overwrite the result - Revert the image to the original. PhotoEditor user interface utilizes cutting-edge AJAX technology. It means that no need for ActiveX controls/Java applets/Flash. Also it provides cross-browser compatibility (works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari). PhotoEditor exposes the following

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Photo Combiner 6.05: You are the artist. It enables you to mix your pictures creatively and simply.
Photo Combiner 6.05

(1) Select your favorite photo as a background or foreground, arrange others with it, then apply numerous operations including sketch, rotate, mask, emboss, resize, add a frame, change overlay order, add textures Let your imagination guide you. (2) Set your artistic creation as wallpaper, or send it to your friends via e-mail (3) Save printing paper and ink by arranging multiple photos in one file. (4) Accomplished with just a few clicks.

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Photo to Color Sketch 4.0: Make color sketch,fine line art,combine photos,make wallpaper,mask foreground
Photo to Color Sketch 4.0

You can make a artistic work, which commix two or more photos, is extremely innovative and perfect. You can select a favorite photo as background, arrange multiple photos on the paper, then apply operations to them, such as adding sketch, rotating, resizing, adding frame, changing position, and changing overlay order.The background can be with multi-effects, such as emboss, texture. Can import pictures from a folder as foreground or background

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Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin 3.0: Freeware video filter, which allows to covert Movies into Cartoons
Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin 3.0

artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering. MSU Cartoonizer filter has many parameters, which allow to obtain very interesting results. MSU Cartoonizer includes a variety of styles such as colored and non-colored pencil, watercolor and oil painting. The main goal of this filter is its ability to convert movies into cartoons and also to transform images into artistic paintings. MSU Cartoonizer supports job contol allowing the filter to be used

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